*MyPencilDotcom – From Pencil to Emagazine (Inspiring stories from worldwide)*

Pune, T. VivekKumar – Mypencildotcom Digital magazine is all set to inspire the world by bringing Inspiring stories collected from worldwide.

Mr. prasun Kulshrestha, founder of Mypencildotcom magazine, Mypencildotcom magazine aims to interview all the successful & inspiring personalities from worldwide, Recently in their July Edition, they interviewed Actress Riya Sen on the cover photo. Riya Sen also talked to Mypencildotcom founder Mr Prasun Kulshrestha on life & wished him good luck for bringing such stories to existence.


The magazine had already become very popular worldwide in just 2 editions published. In August 2020, Manu Bhaker was the cover story who was awarded as Arjuna Award by President of India, Her inspiring story became very popular for the young generation.
MyPencildot is an online digital magazine that shall bring inspiring stories of Speakers, politicians, celebrities, fitness bloggers, musicians, artist, etc. In October 2020, Gaur Gopal Das is the cover story of the magazine & this shall appear to be a very inspiring magazine for each age group.

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Each edition shall have 12 inspiring stories globally, recently, Ray Zinn, founder of Micrel Inc was also in the inspiring story that sparked the motivation to many of the readers. MyPencildotcom Aims to create a respectable & valuable brand on whom the readers can trust to read. Magazine appeals everyone to nominate names of their famous & known people of whom they can take interview & bring to the world’s eyes. They can email to business@mypencildotcom.in
The magazine shall be available in 200+ countries on Amazon & Mypencildotcom official website. the website URL is www.mypencildotcom.in

Talking to media, FOunder Prasun explained the idea behind keeping the name MYPENCILDOTCOM. He explains that its a dream of every individual that comes on paper through a pencil, in the new generation where it is a digital world, DOTCOM makes a trendy combination that stands a different name worldwide.


The magazine had interviewed more then 30 personalities like Actress Preeti jhangiani, Madhura Naik, Kate Sharma, Riya sen, Varun Singh Bhati, ray Zinn, Gunjan Aras, Gaur Gopal Das, Sonia Kulkarni, Anjali Tripathi, Anjali Kasle, Flora Saini, Katharina Peters ( newzeland) , Ray Zinn ( USA) , Ami kulshrestha ( Child Model ), Aleena Siddiqui ( Powerlifter) Sezal Sharma , etc live on the website platform. the same interview was translated into a magazine form. It is a journey that has just started, so founder Prasun Kulshrestha shared his plans, vision & ambition to the media in this brief press release. The Magazine got so famous that www.propman.in has sponsored the magazine fro October – Dec 2020. The most interesting Slogan of the magazine is MyPencildotcom Magazine, Magazine KA Chaska !!!