*Life safeguard device from corona virus -Corona killer machine*


Pune (VivekKumar ) –  Pune based Indotech Industrial Solutions Pvt. Ltd innovated ‘Corona Killer’ device after thorough study, Tests and Verification. It is tested by ICMR- NIV, Naidu Hospital Pune and endorsed by Directorate of Medical Education & Research Mumbai (DMER) for its efficacy said Mr Bhausaheb Janjire – The director of Indotech Industrial Solutions Pvt Ltd.
Bhausaheb Janjire said that Corona Killer Machine works on electricity so that one does not require soap or sanitiser.This instrument can be used in any closed environment.This instrument will be supplied in India as well as other country’s .
In today’s date company is producing 200 machines per day which will cross mark of 700 in nearing future .”Corona Killer” takes-in ambient air where it is kept and exhales the converted air into mixture of positive and negative Ions ( ionizing process). The exhaust mixture of Ions is spread in the ambient air using an exhaust fan inside the device. When these highly reactive Ions comes in contact with virus shell, it breaks down the outer protein layer and expose the RNA of Corona Virus, and its growth rate is stopped totally . Efficacy of these ions deactivating Corona Virus is certified by National Institute of Virology of ICMR (NIV)
Apart from Corona virus the Ions also destroy other bacteria and fungus making it more useful for surface disinfection in places where sanitization using chemicals is not possible.

At present Covid 19, SARS – COV-2, virus is spreading at an alarming rate. The numbers of patients are increasing day by day and the situation is going from bad to worst. Nowadays, the pandemic is spreading at community level too. Even doctors, nurses, ward boys, police, social workers etc are victimized very badly. On open surface we can disinfect with soap or sanitizers but in the places like kitchen, furniture, computer rooms, files, important papers and documents etc we just can’t use these remedies. Corona Killer Device is useful and effective in such applications.This Invisible Contactless Disinfectant device can be used at Sanitizer Hospitals, Clinics Police Stations,Quarantine Facilities,Essential Service,Government Offices,Trains, Railway Stations,Grocery & Medical,school, InstitutionsCar,Classrooms,Hotels, Guest Rooms
Resturants etc.
The ‘Corona Killer’ device works on 230 V, single phase electric supply. This device is plug and play device which do not require any chemical. The power consumption is less and comparable to that of a TV.
It has Zero Operational Cost
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