*Celebrity Fitness Coach & First Triple Amputee to Open a Gym in Pune*

Bharat Prerna Awardee and Limca Book of Records holder
Certified Fitness & Nutrition Consultant & Yoga Teacher

Pune : Bharat Prerna Awardee, Tinkesh Kaushik hails from Jhajjhar, Haryana, he lost both his lower limbs below the knee and his left upper limb at the shoulder in an electrocution accident when he was 9 years old. For the first two years after his amputations he was completely immobile, his mother carried him to school and back. Due to the lack of social interactions he was socially isolated. At the age of 11 he got the Jaipur foot which helped him to start moving around on his own. Against all odds, with unwavering support from his family he completed his graduation in 2015. However due to the limitations on mobility with the Jaipur foot, he had started gaining weight. Despite this he participated in many marathons. Tinkesh was ironically fascinated by the health and fitness industry. In 2016 he took it upon himself to undergo a complete body transformation, thus losing 10-15 kgs through exercise and sports in a period of two years.
He moved to Pune in 2018 and went on to get his certification as a Fitness and Nutrition Consultant from INFS, Pune (Institute of Nutrition & Fitness Sciences) under the guidance of his Mentor Smita Gautam. He is a trained Yoga Teacher and a Wellness coach for both, able bodied as well as people with disabilities, training and guiding them to achieve their fitness and nutritional goals. He also volunteers at Sancheti Hospital, Pune to rehabilitate amputees through mobilization and adaptation techniques.
A Bharat Prerna Awardee, Tinkesh Kaushik set a new record in Kathmandu, Nepal on the 25th of November 2018 when he Swing Bungee jumped from a height of 160 meters at The Last Resort, which is the highest canyon swing site in the world. He has been featured in the 2020 edition of the Limca Book of Records for this feat.
Tinkesh has started a 2500 sq.ft fully equipped gymnasium in Pune at the Undri Pisoli road called – Milestone The Fitness Club with the support of his mentor. The club is a fully functional gymnasium with modern equipment, it is also equipped with HEPA Filters & Automatic, Sanitizer Dispensers for these troubled times. It will also host, Functional Training, Yoga and Zumba classes for its clients apart from Sports Training Workshops.
Tinkesh plans to train clients on how to maintain their physical fitness and provide them insights the importance of nutrition. As a trained Yoga teacher, he plans to help people inculcate healthy practices and motivate them to change their lifestyles.
Being a person with Disability, Tinkesh aims to make the gym inclusive or disabled friendly soon, by placing ramps for wheelchair users.
Speaking at the occasion Tinkesh said, I have become an athlete, swimmer, para-cyclist, marathoner and fitness enthusiast after losing my limbs and I admit that my disability opened my eyes to my true abilities. I wish to lead by example and let the world know that nothing is impossible if you have a strong WILL to accomplish things.
The old adage that says what doesnt kill you makes you stronger couldnt be more apt to describe Tinkeshs life journey so far.
Tinkesh has won several awards and been felicitated by various organizations in honor and appreciation of his never say die spirit and for being a role model and inspiration to many. For a triple amputee who has been declared to have 90% disability he has caused a paradigm shift and challenged the limitations of what a handicapped person can achieve, thus setting an example for both the able bodied as well as people with disabilities.

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