An NRAI Pune Chapter Event with Guest Speaker: Anubhav Dubey (Founder, Chai Sutta Bar)

इस खबर को सुनें

Start-Up. Sustain. Succeed – Learn From Expert.

Pune, (from- Vivekkumar) : The National Restaurant Association of India’s Pune Chapter will be hosting an insightful session with Mr. Anubhav Dubey (Founder, Chai Sutta Bar) on Tuesday, 24th January 2023. The DotPe-powered event titled ‘’Start-Up. Sustain. Succeed – Learn From Expert” will take place at One Lounge, Koregaon Park, 7 PM Onwards.

The NRAI Pune Chapter is back this year yet again with a prominent entrepreneur who has established this rapidly growing Tea Chain in 2016 that now has 120+ outlets across India.

Anubhav Dubey will be sharing his life journey with us along with some insights from his experiences in the business world. He will talk about his journey from starting a small tea shop in Indore with an investment of 3 lakh, to growing the business into a Rs 100 crore turnover within a span of 5 years.

Over 4.5 Lakh Kulhads of tea and coffee are sold at Chai Sutta Bar everyday, across the country. This has boosted the economic power of potters, giving them a sense of financial independence. This concept of traditional kulhad has made him well deserving of the name “The Kulhadman Of India”.

The NRAI Pune Chapter is dedicated to creating a unique community in the city by expanding membership and giving guests exceptionally singular learning & networking experiences. Their Board includes prominent Restaurateurs from Pune including Praful Chandawarkar (Malaka Spice),  Kevin Tellis (Toit), Siddharth Mahadik (Le Plaisir), Kunal Mhaske (Penthouze), and Nicky Ramnani (The Daily All Day).

This insightful session where the 26 year old budding entrepreneur talks about his vision of making the world kiss the soil of India from the kulhads made by the potters of India, will be very valuable to all attending restaurateurs from the city.

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